Author Guidelines

Indonesian Journal Life of Sciences (IJLS) is a multidisciplinary journal publishing original research/ review articles across the whole spectrum of sciences in topics such as:

  • Food Innovation and Nutrition
  • Bio-product and Services for Sustainable Society
  • Information Technology in LifeSciences
  • Life Science for Health and Wellbeing
  • Valorization of Life-Sciences

We welcome submissions from all the above-mentioned fields, provided they are novel and can make a great impact.

By submitting to IJLS, authors attest that:

  1. The submission is an original work, free from plagiarism (text, data, and figures).
  2. The submission has not been published previously in English or any other language, nor is it under consideration by another journal.
  3. The submission has been approved by all co-authors and relevant authorities (e.g. an institution or sponsor).
  4. The manuscript has been (to the best of the authors’ abilities) written in good English (British or American English spelling, not a mixture of both) and is free of grammatical errors. It has been checked with a proofreading tool (e.g. Grammarly) and, if possible, proofed by a language editor.

These submission guidelines will help you prepare your submission to reduce its processing time greatly. As per the initial submission, we require the manuscript to conform to the document structure below so reviewers can assess the paper based on its scientific merits.

Our 3-steps Submission Process

  1. Before the submission be familiar with the following things
    • Focus and scope – ensure that your submission’s topic is within our scope (learn more)
    • Article type specifications – understand the type of articles you want to submit (click here for article template) & (click here for article guidelines)
    • Editorial policies make sure that you read and agree to our editorial policies (learn more)
    • Language editing service – ascertain that your submission is readable and error-free 
    • Publication ethics and malpractice Statement – learn about our ethics agreement (learn more)
  2. Ready to submit understand the policies and the process of submission in the IJLS website
  3. Manuscript selection – be informed of the following review process

Article Type Specifications

  • Original research article

Research articles should report on original primary research and are expected to present a major advance (total words up to ~3500 words, excluding references).

  • Review article

Reviews should describe and provide substantial coverage of mature subjects, evaluations of progress in specified areas, and/or critical assessments of emerging technologies, highlight future directions (total words 5,000-10,000; excluding abstract references)

Language Editing Service

The article must be written in English. Authors whose first language is not English (and many times even those for whom it is) will greatly increase the chance of their article being published if a language editor or native speaker checks it before its submission. A well-written manuscript enables editors and reviewers to assess the content of the manuscript accurately, thus accelerating the reviewing process. It also ensures that the scientific merit of the research can be fully conveyed to readers. If you need help with writing in English, you should consider:

  • Asking a fellow worker who is a native English speaker to check your manuscript for clarity
  • Using a proofreading tool (e.g. Grammarly)
  • Using a professional language editing service

References List Preparation

  • Use a citation manager, such as Mendeley, Endnote, or Zotero
  • The in-text citation should be hyperlinked to the reference list
  • The reference list should be hyperlinked to the page of the cited journal
  • Make sure 80% of the references are primary research articles, not secondary (review) articles
  • Closely follow APA Editorial Style throughout your list of references. There should be a one-to-one correspondence between the sources cited/quoted and the ones referenced. List the sources alphabetically by author's last names (from A to Z) and then chronologically (from past to present) for more sources by the same author. More than one reference from the same author(s) in the same year must be identified--based on the alphabetical sorting of the titles of the works--by the letters 'a, 'b', 'c', etc., placed after the year of publication.

Required documents

Here is a list of required documents to send:

  • Main file section: manuscript file (in docx format). Please refer to general formatting guidelines for details.
  • Supplementary section: cover letter (in pdf format), figure files, references file (in BibTeX format;.bib), and other additional files.