Strategy in Entering the Healthy Catering Industry: Case Study on Alfa Catering

  • Nadira Maharani
Keywords: New Entrants, SWOT, Healthy Catering, Strategic Management


The growth in catering industry as well as more awareness of healthy lifestyle resulted in establishment of healthy food catering businesses. In this paper, author attempts to define key success factors in healthy catering industry and to formulate new entry strategy for a traditional catering business located in Jakarta, Indonesia. PEST and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis were used to examine the external environment. SWOT matrix was then used to determine the suitable strategy for the case study. It was found that experience in catering industry, organic certification for raw materials, certified manpower, product differentiation, and excellent and collaborative relationship with stakeholders were the key success factors in healthy food catering in Jakarta, Indonesia. Furthermore, the suitable strategy for this particular case study was focus differentiation strategy.