Prediction and Analysis of Ecotourism Visitors at Jendela Alam

  • Benny Tjandrasa Maranatha Christian University
  • Lina Anantan Maranatha Christian University
  • Novan Ardianto Maranatha Christian University
Keywords: decision making, ecotourism, forecasting, strategic management, timeseries analysis, TWOS analysis


Tourism industry sector needs to receive more considerable attention due to its important role as source of economic growth in Indonesia. It is in line with government program to develop a collaboration model that involve government, entrepreneurs, communities, academics, and media. However, tourism industry usually faced high operational cost and decreasing number of visitors’ tendency caused by the increasing competitive business competition. It attracts researchers’ interest to conduct research in one of organization in tourism industry, Jendela Alam, that faces similar problems. The results of quantitative analysis show that the number of visitors tend to decrease even during holidays season. By considering the stakeholders and the main characteristics of visitors, this study recommends Jendela Alam to strengthen its business in the field of marketing product/service through marketing mix strategy.

Author Biographies

Benny Tjandrasa, Maranatha Christian University

Faculty of Economic

Lina Anantan, Maranatha Christian University

Faculty of Economic

Novan Ardianto, Maranatha Christian University

Faculty of Economic