The Effect of Recruitment and Selection Process on the Performance of Personal Teacher at Non-Formal Education at Surabaya, Indonesia

  • Kristina Andita Pradani Student
  • Pandji Soegiono Universitas Veteran Pembangunan
Keywords: rekruitmen, selection, job performance


The aim of this study is to examine the effect of recruitment and selection process on job performance in education industry. While many previous studies concerned on research in formal education organization, this research more focus on the relationship between recruitment and selection process on job performance in non-formal education agency.

This study used reflective measurement indicators with four indicators for employee performance, three indicators for recruitment and six indicators for selection. The samples of this study are tutors who are currently working at My L’s Course Agency in Surabaya Indonesia.  This study employed variance based Structural Equation Model (SEM) using Partial Least Square software to examine these relationships. In addition, the bootstrap technique with 5000 samples is used to estimate t-value and p-value to avoid type II error problem in testing hypothesis due to small sample size problem.

The research result shows that impact of recruitment and selection on tutor’s performance are statistically significant at 1%. This empirical evidence confirms the hypothesis that recruitment and selection process has an impact on job performance. This finding implies that human resource manager should aware the recruitment and selection process to improve the job performance in the recruiting process. However, the average score value of all indicators are only weakly suggesting considerable further research in improving teacher quality through recruitment and selection process.

Author Biography

Pandji Soegiono, Universitas Veteran Pembangunan

Universitas Veteran Pembangunan, Jawa Timur, Indonesia